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How Do I Find the Best Employees for My Small Business?

How Do I Write a Job Description?

It’s important to include the skills, demands and qualifications. You should also mention anything unique about the position, such as if extensive travel is required, level of education desired, or if there is a preference for someone who speaks multiple languages. In addition, You also need to make sure your description includes the job title that accurately reflects similar positions within your industry. Your organizational culture should also be mentioned


Keep the job description simple, if you can-a few sentences at the top followed by bullet points to further explain the demands and requirements



How Do I Match Workers With the Right Job?


Matching employees to the right job requires balancing an individual's skills and level of experience with the demands of the position. They need to be able to do the job, however, you might not want someone so overqualified that they’re wasting their skills in that position. Personality can also be important if the position you’re hiring for is in sales or anything else that represents your business to the public.

Also, remember that both employees and jobs change over time, so be sure to periodically reevaluate what your business needs are and that your employees are still where they’re most effective.

How Do I Deal With Bad Hires?

There are a number of ways to deal with a problem employee such as:

  • Actionable feedback

  • Mentoring

  • Retraining

  • Moving them to another position

However, if an employee doesn't respond you may need to let him or her go with a termination letter.