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How do I remove DRAFT from my document?

The document can be previewed, as you proceed through, the interview and will appear below each question with the word "DRAFT" across it.  If there are multiple pages for the document, you can view the additional pages by selecting the black arrows at the bottom, right-hand corner of the draft. 

At the end of the draft will also be a "Legal Checklist." This checklist will provide you with additional information you'll need to make your document legally binding in your state. It's generally a good idea to seek the guidance of an attorney, if you want to be sure that the document is fully legal where you live.  Next steps may include instructions for signing, finding witnesses, filing, and notarization.

To modify, simply change any of the answers and click "Continue."  The document draft below will update accordingly. You simply click the "Update Preview" button above the draft image and your answers will automatically populate in the document. Please note that when the document is completed, when you go to print, the word "DRAFT" will be removed.