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What types of documents does Rocket Lawyer carry?

We have four types of documents on our website: legal documents, government forms, letters and worksheets.

A legal document is a formally executed written document that is officially attributed to its author. The document states and records a legally enforceable act, obligation, right, process, or duty. Popular examples on our site include the Prenuptial Agreement, Warranty Deed, Residential Lease and Complete Will. Many legal documents must be notarized; a formal witnessing process that ensures the legality of the document. Though common, notarization is not required for all legal documents.


Government forms are documents used by the United States government to regulate issues from Immigration, to IRS, Bankruptcy, Small Business Administration and passport applications.


Letters are a written communication addressed to an organization or person. The letters we provide are mostly used either to inform the recipient of something, or to request something from the recipient. Popular letters include Change of Address Letter, Letter of Intent, Birth Certificate Request Letter, Security Deposit Refund Letter, and Employment Confirmation Letter.


Worksheets can be used to document problems and ideas in a tentative form and then create schedules and to do lists. Popular worksheets include the Home Sale Worksheet, Eviction Process Worksheet, Small Claims Worksheet, Divorce Worksheet, Articles of Incorporation Worksheet and sale of business assets worksheet.