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I have a membership but the system is asking for payment

If you are a current membership holder, and are being asked for payment, please review the following items as they may explain why you are being asked for payment:

  1. You are in a $1 Basic Membership and are trying to create a Business document.

  2. Your account payment has expired and was not renewed.

  3. Your account was downgraded and is no longer in a paid membership.

  4. You are not signed into your active, paid account.  (If this is the case, you will need to sign out and re-sign in using the email address with which you created the active membership.)

You can check your membership type by hovering your mouse over your name, in the upper, right-hand corner of your screen and click Account Settings. 

If you still have questions please contact us directly at (877) 881 - 0947 Monday - Friday, 6am - 6pm PST.