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How Does Health Insurance Work for Travelers?

What Types of Health Insurance Cover Travelers?

Many insurance providers offer short term plans to cover one-time, or frequent, travelers. These can be purchased as needed.

What About My Existing Insurance?

Most health insurance carriers have provisions that will keep you covered in case of an emergency, no matter where you are. Larger carriers may even have coverage in popular travel destinations. To find out, contact your provider and ask both about traveling, and what type of emergency care you’re covered for.


Other Health Options


In times of emergency, a U.S. consular officer can assist you in locating medical services as well as contacting friends and family or transferring funds. The embassy or consulate abroad will notify the Office of Citizen Services, which will notify family members in the U.S. If necessary, the State Department can also assist in returning the injured traveler home via commercial transport with appropriate medical services. Paying for these services still falls on the traveler.  The embassy provides a list of physicians and health facilities in the country you are visiting.