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What are eSignatures? How do they work?

Our electronic signature (eSign) feature is a method of virtually signing and approving legal documents.

The eSign service identifies and authenticates your signature and then securely sends your document to the other party, via email. Once the other party has electronically signed the document, it is legally binding.

You may send your document out for electronic signature through your Rocket Lawyer account. To eSign your document, you will first want to log in to your account. By default, you will be directed to your "Activities" panel. If you are already logged in and need to access your activities, click on the words "Rocket Lawyer" in the top, left corner. 

1. Click on the name of the document you want to send for eSign.

2. If the document is eligible for eSign, you will see a gray section at the top of the screen that says, "Nice job on your [document]. Let's wrap this up and get it signed." Below that, you will see an orange button that says, "Let's finish this!" Click on that button.

3. Select "Sign Now."

4. Below the document, a box should appear which will allow you to sign the document. If the document requires more than one signature, you will be prompted to send an eSign invitation to the user's email address.

5. Click "Sign" or "Continue" to confirm.

After you have confirmed the destination of your eSignature, your signers will receive an email prompting them to follow the link provided. This link will direct your signers to our site to create a free account, and complete the eSign process.

Once all parties sign the document, the finished, signed document will appear in your Rocket Lawyer account as well as the signers'.

Please Note: Not all documents can be electronically signed. Those requiring witnesses or notarization, do not include a electronic signature option.

If you need further assistance, please contact us any time by email or call us at (877) 881-0947 Mon - Fri, 6am - 6pm PST.