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Nothing happens when I click print, what should I do?

There are several reasons why the Print button may not be working for your document. Review the options below, in order to assess why you may be having trouble printing.

1. The document interview questions are not 100% complete.

  • You may need to return to the interview questions and finish them, before attempting to print. 

2. The interview questions have been finished, but you have not yet selected the 7 Day Free Trial, membership, or single document purchase for access to print.

  • To see if this is the issue, click on the name of the document you are trying to print and see if it takes you back into the interview questions. Click continue until you are to the end, then look for sign up or purchase options. 

3. Your web browser may have pop up blockers enabled.


If your document is finished and you have selected one of the options listed above for access to print, you may want to try downloading the document and print from the offline copy. The Download option is directly next to the Print button. We generally recommend downloading and opening the document as a PDF.