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How can I get back to the document I started?

To find your document, you will first want to log in to your account. By default, you will be directed to your "Activities" panel. If you are already logged in and need to access your activities, click on your name in the upper, right-hand corner and select "Dashboard".

In your activity panel, you should see all of the documents you have ever started on our website. Simply click on the document in question and you will be directed to the document. If the document is not completed, you will automatically return to the interview questions to complete the document.

‚ÄčIf you wish to change the answers to a finished, purchased document:

  • Above the draft of the prepared document, you'll see an option to Edit your document.
  • Click Edit, followed by Change Answers, then Continue through the document to make changes as needed.

When you are done, simply click the Continue button through the end of the interview to automatically save your progress.